TIMCO Electronic's building

TIMCO Electronic are specialists in development, SMD constructions and microprocessor designs. We have made quality products in 40 years wich has made us an excelent sparring partner in all parts of the world.

Only high quality components are used in our products wich has ensured some of the best specifications in our class and the errormargin is kept very low.

By combining the most modern development-tools with our own specialized production, we are ensured complete control over the process.

Flexibility is the keyword in our production - we can deliver all orders regardless of size.

Our company is known for its well qualified customer care, high servicelevel, fast delivery and fair prices - These thermes saves time and money for our customers.


Michael Soee Andersen, Company Owner
Michael Soee Andersen
Company Owner
Inga Møller Skjøth, Productdesign & Administration Barbara Mai, Production schedule & Storage control
Inga Moeller Skjoeth Barbara Mai
Productdesign & Administration Productions schedule & Storage control

TIMCO Electronic ApS · Kærvej 98 · 6400 Sønderborg · Tlf.: (+45) 74 45 31 27